Can we, as a country, think?

“If you can only fight or run away, you have to find something to fight or run away from.” — Bion

That might not be the exact quote, but it is close.

When confronted with a problem, the alcoholic mind responds, “I don’t know about that.” When facing potential shame, it accuses, “If only….” We understand these excuses as from the intoxicated, and dismiss them. When spoken by someone who recovered and was reborn, we try to make sense of them.

Sober thought is not exciting. It does not inflame emotions. It does not run from problems or resort to unproven ideologies.

Our country has spent eight years destroying everything it could. Destruction provides immediate gratification. It requires, often, a refusal to learn and the bully’s fear of the difficult.

Can we tolerate the uncertainty of working toward solutions? Creation is slow and requires knowledge and skill.  Such abilities take time to acquire, and education.


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2 Responses to “Can we, as a country, think?”

  1. ngoldfarb Says:

    you, sir, cannnot count

    Since JFK became President is a lot longer than eight years.
    No president in my lifetime has done anything other than destroy America

  2. sheerprogress Says:

    I think this author is counting just fine. A country is obviously very difficult to manage, but it took forethought and effort to do the kind of destruction Bush did. He did it on PURPOSE and continues to justify his actions and try to revise history. The country is in the worst shape of my lifetime (and I’ve been around awhile).

    Sheer Progress

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