Who understands G. W. Bush?

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, and we know what kind of guy he was.

While being the decider, W has presided over:

  • the war on the middle class
  • the destruction of our economy
  • the destruction of the world economy
  • an attack on the environment
  • the disintegration of our infrastructure
  • the destruction of Iraq
  • undermining our constitution
  • squandering our moral authority
  • making our country an outlaw among nations
  • diminishing educational opportunities
  • undoing detente
  • demeaning science
  • mocking truthfulness
  • ignoring the Bill of Rights
  • heating up the globe
  • and scaring the hell out of everyone on earth (ok, the democrats in congress and the mainstream press were already scared).

He is still signing regulations permitting the destruction of the environment.

On January 21, 2009 he, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Paulson, Ashcroft, Gonzales, GHWB, et al will be drinking mint juleps on the dock in Kennybunkport.

What does that say about us?


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4 Responses to “Who understands G. W. Bush?”

  1. wilsonrofishing Says:

    Let’s see how different the new guy turns out to be, once the dust clears; his cabinet/advisers don’t look like such a big shift in a different direction; the SECDEF doesn’t even have to unpack, he’s already there!

    If nothing else, hopefully the new administration will help broaden your worldview a bit; if George Bush and Co are the source of all the evil in your world, then it must be a pretty small world indeed.


  2. Democratic America, Goverment and Election » Who understands G. W. Bush? Says:

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  3. world of outlaws | Intel.com Says:

    […] Who understands GW Bush? … the destruction of the world economy; an attack on the environment; the disintegration of our infrastructure; the destruction of Iraq; undermining our constitution; squandering our moral authority; making our country an outlaw among … […]

  4. miklwald Says:

    They really aren’t the source of all the evil in my world. They do represent an America that I don’t understand. What he and his administration have been doing is destructive. Why would anyone want that to be his legacy?

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