If excess debt is the problem…

…the solution is more lending?

What have they been smoking?  If I can’t pay my bills, what would it take to convince you to lend to me?  How about if my Uncle Sam – make that my Uncle Hank – gave you a few bucks? Ok, a few billion bucks.  Now will you lend me some of it?

Now imagine that the only way to get our economy going again is for you to lend me that money, or else, so I can create a few jobs.  Would you?  If no one could afford to buy what my business is selling, would you?  Thank you.

Hmmm.  Now I owe you what you lent me plus interest, but I used it to create a job.  Still, no one can afford to buy my stuff, so I still can’t pay my bills and now I can’t pay back your loan. I seem to be getting further in the hole.

Don’t worry.  Uncle Hank will pay you back

If I were you, I’d use Hank’s dough to take a vacation in Switzerland.


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