Don’t blame Michelle Bachman

Poor woman. The RNC sent her to appear on Hardball. Her job, I presume, was to be a woman carrying Republican talking points to liberal America. She is, after all, like Sarah Palin, a woman. But let’s give her some credit. It does not make sense to accuse an American Presidential candidate of being anti-American. She is probably smart enough to know that. When she becomes the mouthpiece of the RNC, however, her brain has to do a disappearing act, sort of. She realizes, unconsciously, that it makes more sense to wonder about senators and representative. It’s been done, after all. So she comes up with that.  So in some byzantine way she way trying to find some sense in nonsense. Can’t be done. Then the RNC abandons her. Its a tough time to carry water for hatemongers. Poor woman.


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