Who pays the bill?

It probably does make sense for “the taxpayer” to guarantee all the bad loans out there, if that’s what it would take to get the economy going again. But who is “the taxpayer?”

Let’s say you and your spouse (or partner or date), my wife and I, and Bill and Melinda Gates go out for dinner. You and yours aren’t very hungry so you order salads and appetizers. My wife and I haven’t gone out to eat for months, so I get a steak and she gets pasta. Bill and Melinda love this restaurant and really pig out. (Sorry for using you this way, Bill and Melinda.) Bill orders us a couple bottles of really good wine. You have never tasted anything like it and get a bit tipsy. Same here. My wife doesn’t drink. Maybe your companion doesn’t either. Bill and Melinda clearly enjoy it.

When the waiter brings the bill, Bill, without looking at it, says, in a manner which doesn’t permit discussion, “Let’s split it three ways.”

Since the Bush tax cuts, the top one or two percent of the economic pile have made a lot of money. They have been pigs at the trough that the rest of us can no longer keep filled. Now that the system that made them rich needs more cash, who should pony up?

How about repealing the Bush tax cuts on taxpayers who make more than $250,000 a year?

Or do you want to pay for Bill Gates to get drunk on $500 a bottle wine?


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