Ideas don’t matter

Liberals, this is a pivotal year and, as the Economist said, if democrats don’t win, they’d better find another line of work.

On Friday, September 12, 2008, there was a point of agreement between the Wall Street Journal and Now on PBS. Each had a contributor who stressed that a voter’s culture is important. For more about what “culture” is, read my post, “We vote for what is meaningful.” A candidate has to relate to voters emotionally, but that isn’t enough. The candidate must embody a solution which makes sense in the voter’s culture.

By itself, an idea has no place in culture. An idea must be embodied. The importance of  Christianity is that Jesus embodied God’s way of life on earth. He didn’t teach the idea of love, he loved.

McCain is able to be in the culture of many voters. He embodies a reason to vote for him. (Don’t ask me what that is.) So does Palin. (Don’t ask me what that is, either.) Does Obama? Does Biden?

I suppose it’s possible that a person could only appear to be the sought for embodiment.


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