JFK to Barack: Carry On

Once upon a time we built highways across our country, we built schools and bridges and we went to the moon. Now we can barely maintain what we have.

Is the politics of hope unreasonable? Is it naive? Do we dare to hope, to dream, to strive to transform the world to how it should be? The “greatest generation” won WWII.  Bill Gates founded Microsoft. The Chinese hosted the Olympics. I made it through medical school.

Do we dare not to hope? Should we settle for fear and greed? Should we let this great country devolve into bread, circuses and folly?

JFK, regardless of everything else, called upon the best parts of ourselves. His name represents daring to be open to undreamed possibilities which we, as a country, working together, could realize.

I have never believed that the human impulse represented but not realized by “JFK” would die and never be reborn. The generation which allowed itself to feel that impulse must not die without at least tying to rekindle it.

I am happy to ignore or to “bracket” my cynicism and let the candidacy of Barack Obama be the spark.


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4 Responses to “JFK to Barack: Carry On”

  1. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    We can hardly maintain what we have because of people like your candidate that are apparently attempting to destroy America by drowning us in taxes and creating shit programs which discriminate against some. You mention hope? How about political oppression? The most oppressive possible society is one in which we cannot choose to be left alone. Obama would have it so that America continues to become the enormous bullshit collectivist society he’s HOPED for his entire pathetic life. It’s my HOPE that someday we can experience the freedom which is our right to have. I HOPE that we could someday have a president that would allow us to opt out of programs and retain our freedom. Obama is not a man willing to do that.

    But damn, if I voted based solely on emotions and didn’t use my brain, you would have just persuaded me to vote for Obama. Too bad I prefer to not be an idiot.

  2. Kimberly Alderman Says:

    Can you add a feed button to your blog? Thanks!

  3. miklwald Says:

    Starting a blog involves learning a lot. I think I did it.

  4. Kimberly Alderman Says:

    You’re telling me. Ok, yes, you did. Thanks!

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